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  • The purpose of the project was to strengthen the existing Highway RiveThe project is to undertake all Footway and Carriageway patching for the Cardiff County Council for a contract period of 12 months.

    Our approach has been to closely liaise with the Asset Management team to undertake carriageway maintenance works as swiftly and efficiently as possible. We have endeavoured to complete all repairs, as far as practicable, within prescribed targets to assist with the council’s duties under the Highways Act 1980.


  • We dedicated a project manager to administer and co-ordinate the work flow in conjunction with Cardiff Councils Asset management section.

    We also appointed a Contract Supervisor to liaise directly with the Councils management team on a day to day basis and to swiftly return invoices to the client to assist with budgetary management.

    Weekly meetings were held with CCC supervising Engineer to co–ordinate the work for the following week to ensure targets and priorities were met and to ensure programmes and avoid conflicts with city centre events.

    All traffic management proposals, appropriate notices are supplied allowing sufficient for Traffic Management Team to process and co-ordinate other contractors etc.

    To ensure accountability we provide the supervising Engineer with a whereabouts sheets for the teams, highlighting the work locations, working times and agreed traffic management options.

    The secret to the success of the contract has been continual dialogue with both the CCC Asset management, Site supervisory and CCC Traffic management teams.

  • This project demonstrates Calibre Contracting’s ability to work in partnership with multiple stakeholders and meet all guidelines when working with existing structures and watercourses.

    The project was successfully completed on programme

    DURATION — 22 weeks

    COST — £1.2M


    CLIENT – Cardiff County Council


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The purpose of the project was to strengthen the existing Highway River Bridge. The bridge spans the Nant Gledyr River which feeds Caerphilly Castle moat.